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I started playing in 2012 and it’s almost 2022

After a decade of Celtic Heroes existence and a company sell off of One Thumb mobile to Visonary Realms can veteran players receive a special reward or fashion item set to represent loyalty and commitment?

Perhaps a wand that would allow 10 year old player to turn newer player to stone or a rat for 30 seconds in a neutral zone with a cool down of an hour ?

Re: I started playing in 2012 and it’s almost 2022

Well, it wasn't sold - development was simply transferred from OTM to Virtual Realms (same bosses are still in charge).

But anyways - yeah a special item for anyone who has been in the game for 10 years would be really cool. I would freaking love to be able to do something like that to other players xD. 5-10 sec duration, 1 min cool down.
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