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Server merging

So, I've been playing the game since 2015 or 2016, I honestly and desperately wish they would just merge the lesser populated servers.
I'm not saying merge Epona and tyranis but at LEAST some of the lower player count ones would be good. I think it could kickstart a lot of people coming back to the game and incentivise more player interaction, which is one of the main points of the game.

I'm not that attached to my server and I don't care what the new name of it will be or anything, that isn't important to me, Crom has served me well and I just want the game to make some changes.
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Re: Server merging

The only servers I can imagine being merged are those without dominant clans/alliances. Otherwise you get what happens to most servers: a server war followed by the losing team quitting game, and back where you started. What servers do not have a dominant clan, that is, do not actively kill any of the "big 3" raids?
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Re: Server merging

I think rather than merging servers a better option would be to firstly make the auction house global, that way people on every dom server would be able to buy raid gear from roll servers and would help make the game feel more alive when you open the ah there are 200 pages or so. Also some way to transfer to another server whether a paid or unpaid feature would be nice, but to keep it from becoming a problem where people are just constantly server hopping it should be limited to something like one character transfer every 3 months or so, this would allow those on dead servers where dino isnt possible to join a server where it is actively killed, which imo is better than them just straight up quitting due to being on an inactive server.

Re: Server merging

what regenleif said is a defensive reaction..
in reality server merges wont happen at all this engine can hardly support 15-20ppl in a global arena with steady FPS.

now onto the clan thingy, it doesnt matter and by no way should be taken into account by the Dev team when planing to merge servers.
the clan systems are the way they are cause players made them so, naturally the top clans dont want to risk their domination. The devs cannot risk letting a game die completely only cause some people prefer roll or dom servers, Players would and will adapt and overcome..

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Re: Server merging

A good idea would be to transfer characters from a servers with dominant clan to a dying server. For example, transferring a whole clan.
I don’t know if it could be possible but I think this will solve the dying servers problem.
On our server only the dominant clan enjoys the game.
They are selling their drops for real money. That’s why they are still so active.

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