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Patch Notes 3.7.5 (Nov. 30th, 2021)

Hello Heroes,

Below are the changes made to the game as of November 15th, 2021. Link to previous patch notes 3.7.4.

Bug Fixes
IronSource has been enabled again on iOS.
Inventory Filter in the bank is working properly again.
Fixed an issue getting stuck in a global zone for Facebook and Apple accounts.
Removed an exploit allowing players to glitch into the collision in the Global Arena.
You will no longer receive mail notifications from blocked players in a global zone.
Fixed an issue with the Decennial Fashion effect displaying at a weird angle.
Fixed an issue that would cause players to get stuck after switching accounts.
Various environment fixes.

[Edited] Bug Fixes (Fixed on November 30th, 2021)
Unable to manually select Auctioneer.
Stuck at tutorial level 4.

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