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Re: Old Android Devices Can't Log in

This issue is now fixed and you may log in again on devices running Android 7.0.0 or earlier.
I do wonder if you might have an answer.. I reported this back a few months.
I run two phones - pixel 2xl and pixel 4 XL. Both are latest software.
Both are latest Celtic app updated. I cleared cache on both.

I log my main toon on both annnddddd on my pixel 2 I can't see mobs, NPC's, mailbox, auction house. I can get attacked though.
But in the same login/phone if I log my alt - baby druid, there's no issues. Same phone, same login. Two toons are acting differently. Or if I log another account, no issues.

On my pixel 4 I log the same main toon - no issues at all. I prefer the old pixel though because it has my line, clan group chats etc.

It's a real pain - barely log these days it's so frustrating.

Any suggestions apart from reinstall? Which I've done.

Looking for some help please :cry:

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