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Question for Admin - Roadmap for Celtic Heroes

I have been away from the game for about three years, and just recently returned. In my time away, I learned that Virtual Realms has taken over the development of the game.

My questions to VR:
What is the plan for the development of Celtic Heroes going forward?
Are any future expansions (vertical or horizontal) planned?

It would be amazing if you could share some thoughts. :D

Thank you,

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Re: Question for Admin - Roadmap for Celtic Heroes

This is a question I think all of us are wondering. The game hasn't been the same since they stopped doing seasonal events (with unique bosses, mounts, fash), and now that they haven't updated the game in terms of actual game content, the game kind of feels pointless to play. WH was a flop too and is super boring to play, so there isn't even a real alternative available. I just dont understand why they would cut contact with the player base, super weird thing to do (especially from a business standpoint).
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Re: Question for Admin - Roadmap for Celtic Heroes

There's a higher chance Kang-sae byeok is alive for the next season than getting a reply for that question. That has been asked countless times ever since VR took over, and there is no firm response. Only thing you can hope for is WHO succeeding and then maybe more people are hired to focus on CH. OR, WHO flops and they're forced to focus on CH?
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