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Helli fellow heroes,
I'm currently 157 ranger with hybrid build....
I have seen some players buying sigils and some also say tht its useful in endgame so Ive bought some with gold ( haha I'm not much good with gold ) so I ve started using it and I dont see much of benefits of it It doesn't regen u in battle and tbh its not exactly cheap atleast not for me .....so wt am I missing ? Plz help me tht how to use sigils more efficient
#Note - I've been experimenting my self and Ive discovered tht If u have casted DoT on enemy and its not attacking u ...Your sigils do wrok in tht position, so maybe my druid frnds can use this information....
Thank u

I find sigils useful when in middle of a raid and I’m running out of energy, I stop , sigils do their thing , and I’m right back in. Since I’m full focus I do that once a raid, if any there is no need to spam energy pots or restos.

Re: Sigils

sigils dont regen your hp/energy while in-battle. Only out of battle. To see any decent regen effect, you need at least 100 in later levels. They are useful for levelling, if you have enough you can wait "one tick" (5 seconds i believe) and be full health and energy. You can save gold on restos/elixirs this way, but you need to invest in 100+ sigils which can be costly on its own, but worth it.

Re: Sigils

Andrewkarr12345 wrote:Can someone get me a hold of the manger? It’s about my account, please n thank u

Don't think anyone is capable of that these days
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