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Hello Celtic Heroes Community! I wanted to start off this post by saying hello to my friends from Gwydion and those on forum. I know a lot of you still lurk around here but don’t play often so hello : ). Second I want to say Hello to the team at VR. I did a post years ago introducing myself to the Celtic heroes team and asking that the current admin members that were on forums say hello introduce themselves and tell us what they do at (OTM)VR and if they play on a server which server and what class. I have seen some old introductions from some staff members on forums when I browsed around and thought it would be nice to get some reintroductions going to allow some of us older players that have returned or newer players get to know you guys.
In this post I hope to accomplish a lot of different topics but I want to start off by saying I want no negativity in this comment sections I have read a lot of posts saying negative comments about all sorts of stuff which is not the community I remember nor want to be apart of so please If responding keep it respectful and on topic

Background-(introduction to me you can skip this part) Hello my name is Magister22 and I have been playing celtic heroes since 2013 ever since my brother introduced me after playing since release in 2011. I am a fire hybrid mage on the server Gwydion and after returning from my break at the end of last year I finally after starting so long ago reached 220+. I started playing the game again due to the pandemic and I am glad I finally decided to play the game fully as previously I did enjoy sitting in the castle merching before the auction house.

Section 1 bugs – I wanted to bring some bugs and issues to the celtic heroes dev team. I am not sure if these have been brought up before but I’m also not sure if I missed any so if there is anything that ive missed please add in the comment section.
Stairs – In the castle there have been instances where stairs stop rendering in as solid objects when trying to use most of there stairs during this bug if above the stairs you fall directly through and if trying to go up the stair you walk through the stair. I do have a video of this occurring if the team needs to see it
Falling through the map – This issue if of areas of the map not loading in an example of this when walking over to a certain area and as soon as you pass over the line where the ground is solid you fall through and then respawn at ley this also doesn’t fix the problem when you go to other areas and come back its not fixed until you log out. Same with stairs bug above.
Getting forced out of game while logged in (may be an personal player issue) – While playing the game I will suddenly be transported to the login screen when trying to log back in it tells me that Im already logged in and I have to wait 5 min. you can by pass this and log back in but it gets very annoying. I did a test staying dule logged in with an old device and waiting for this to occur on one of the devices and saw that when I get kicked to the log in screen my account never logs out it stays connected to the server until force disconnected by me logging back in or the account times out for inactivity.
Tower trade bug – When trying to trade on the bridge of despair if the trade is accepted instead of going into the trade screen everything starts flashing and you cant move until its auto canceled. I also have a video of this occurring but you could also take to characters to bridge and test it yourselves.
UI glitch? – not sure if that’s the right term but the glitch essentially replaces you character with somebody’s else its harmless and doesn’t allow you to do anything to the other persons account but it basically shows you the entire persons inventory. usually it’s a full DG character but you cant change or do anything with the items and is fixed either by itself or after you log out.
Clan glitch – This was fixed after I logged out as well but it showed me the first page of one of the main clans on server and the clan name when looking at the clan list was kinda funny I got a good laugh outta it.
Logging in (Gwyd specific?)- we have an issue where if a clan is participating in a large raid players aren’t able to log in if they weren’t online already before a clan begins the raid
Almost None of these are game breaking and usually give people a good laugh when they happen but I thought id bring them up so that yall know about them

Section 2 Content: There’s a couple different things I mean by this. First is events I was disappointed to see that there hadn’t really been much in terms of seasonal events so I would be interesting to see maybe a new birthday hat for Celtics 10th birthday I believe this summer and if so I heard a rumor that the black hat gang might be making their return. Seriously though one of the things I used to enjoy the most during the seasonal events were the small things yall did like the black hat gang, collecting presents flowers pumpkins ect., Xp mobs that roamed the castle and lirs, and the mobs that had the extremely rare chance of dropping a limited edition version of that events mount. One thing I’ve noticed is that because there aren’t those limited edition event jewelry’s bosses and stores is that instead of gold being regulated and being kept at a constant price the gold is now just transferred between people so we have a large amount of gold on the server not necessarily a bad thing just interesting. In my opinion just giving players small things like this to do helps so much as it gives people something else to do rather than logging in for raids.
Midgame – awhile back SV got a whole makeover changing character models from whisps to imps and a whole lot of cool stuff with graphics that was demonstrated you guys were capable of. I would love to see something like that happen with other zones for example Carrow while I love the map there are a lot of places in CH that could defiantly use a graphics update and who knows carrow as been around so long maybe some new tunnels into balors domain? Giving EG players new content to explore as well or I know the crom update was supposed to be in development as well which I had my theroys about being able to get pures in there as just coming from Gele seems like it was designed to be the first way of many like DL and EDL bosses. Anyways Zone updates and new content would be awesome whenever the team finds time.

Section 3 Suggestions – lastly I had made this suggestion years ago before aeon stuff was in announced but I still think it would be a cool idea that wouldn’t take much time to implement at all. That idea was new/unused colors and effects. With all the things you guys can do with graphics now using lets say using lan as an example you could have new neon colored lan sets or maybe even a crystal lan set or diamond literally anything other than pumping aeon versions of the same things we have cause for one it ruins the price of the og fashion but two if we are going to get the same fash sets anyways why not put a twist on them and make them something unique and cool looking.

If you made it to the end congratz haha come visit me on gwyd Id love new friends to play with and id also love to hear some suggestions other people have or anything else as well so feel free to post below.(also the gif in my signature disappeared so I'm kinda sad about that xD)
Magister22-fire Mage
Go Gwyd!

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