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Re: Dino wand vs Gele wands

hydraofwar wrote:
SamySamSamBoss2000 wrote:
hydraofwar wrote:
Man I always thought that dino grim would really make critics more frequent, now that Bob said no, I don't see why I would use dino grim instead of swap gele wands (or using dino wand) to do more damage, I know, the dino grim lure is really relevant, but if you are a hard mage dps, why not leave the lure mage with the grim casting the lure of the grim for example?? The dino grim at the end seems suitable for lure mages. Ok, the damage to the skill of the grim could be relevant, but the swaping build setting gele wands for fb, shards blast/fs + 3 ability BT rings and one cd ring for shards/fb would probably beat dino grim (always applying the skill damage) + 4 BT ability rings.

Tempesttorn did some testing and found that you could increase your crit chance by using dino grim. Its not guaranteed his tests are accurate but I havent seen any other tests for crit chance specifically that contradict it.

Sorry, but who is Tempesttorn? And if possible I would like to know his opinion on this topic, gele wand swaps (fb, shards fs/blast) vs dino wand vs dino grim


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