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People to play with

So me and my wife moved to belenus because it was too crowded. Things happened(i got a huge pay bonus and splurged on alot of chests) . And now i got too much stuff to even consider leaving. But. Its kinda getting lonely. Is there a belenus discord to chat with people on. Or a celtic heroes discord in general. I feel like we really need one

Re: People to play with

I dont mean to be rude or anything. But holy crap that discords on the brink of death, 100 users on and nearly no one talks often. Went to belenus chat it was dead dead.

Whats stopping someone from advertising celtic heroes and bringing a dead server like belenus back to life?

Re: People to play with

Welcome to Belenus, I too enjoy playing Celtic Heroes with my wife here/there... But, I do hate to admit ever since the release of "Warhammer: Odyssey" smaller servers like Belenus have seen a serious drop in population due to the shift in focus by the development-team. We haven't seen a substantial/major update in the past two years. Most doubtful of the games future, many have already left to more populated servers like Epona or have quit playing until further notice. There really isn't much life left in the game, apart from clocking in to do your rounds or the hopes of finding new players to help guide. If you happen to see "Annette" or "Hallendheime" please stop to say hi...

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