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Battle Mounts Tier Upgrade may be a SCAM

Hello, fellow Highlanders!

Today I found out the amount of tokens I’d need in order to upgrade my Battle Mount Tier. And I’m not happy about my results.

NOTE. If I’m wrong I’d appreciate the feedback.

Let’s do some maths.

To get a T1 Lv6 mount we need 32 mount tokens.

The NPC that allows upgrades says that we need 2 battle mounts of the same Tier in order to upgrade them to the next Tier.

** Some of you will understand my point by now **

So, in order to upgrade my T1 to T2 battle mount, I need 2xT1 battle mounts, thus 2x32=64 mount tokens. This isn’t an issue (yet), since you would have traded in 64 mount tokens for a T2 Lv6 battle mount. (Also, do take a note that a T4 Lv5 battle mount is worth 64 mount tokens).

** Most of you have seen the problem by now **

The real issue starts here. In order to upgrade the T2 to T3 battle mount, I need 2xT2 battle mounts, thus 2x64=128 mount tokens. This is the scam, since we need to trade in 128 mount tokens to get a T4 Lv6 battle mount!!!

It gets worse: T3 to T4 upgrade needs 2xT3 battle mounts, thus 2x96= 192 mount tokens. BUT if you have been upgrading Tier by Tier, the first T3 mount was worth 128 mount tokens, + the 96 mount tokens from the 2nd T3 = 224 mount tokens. 32 mount tokens away from a Spirit Mount worth!!!!!

Finally, if you have been upgrading Tier by Tier, in order to get the Spirit Mount, you would have traded in 224 mount tokens for the 1st T4 battle mount, + 128 mount tokens for the 2nd T4 battle mount = 352 mount tokens. 96 mount tokens over the original price of 256.

So, yeah. I really hope my maths are wrong or that the mount breeder NPC’s message is wrong.

I hope you guys take note on this and don’t do an upgrade if your long road goal is the Spirit Mount.

I wasn’t aware of this, and had my T1 Battle Mount upgrade to T2. Luckily, I used Bounty Tokens to do so.
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Re: Battle Mounts Tier Upgrade may be a SCAM

Never ran into the issue tbh, I doubt ill ever get a battle mount. Been able to play the game for many years without one, will probably continue to do so :3
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Re: Battle Mounts Tier Upgrade may be a SCAM

I've also noticed this, I went with a brown mount thinking I would upgrade it later on to white but once I did the math I realized I was stuck with that brown mount or a grey one unless I wanted to waste tons of mount tokens.
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Re: Battle Mounts Tier Upgrade may be a SCAM

It's a really annoying system, and there were a lot of complaints when it was first added.

I personally don't really care - I only use it for the speed boost, and the tier 1 at max level is generally just fine.
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