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Re: URGENT: petition to merge servers!

DeadSilence wrote:I need to find out how to change my name on Celtic heroes because it was conflicted when they merged Android and ios

Contact support@onethumbmobile.com and give them the conflicted username. They will fix it for you.
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Re: URGENT: petition to merge servers!

It'd be simpler to allow people to move their accounts to a different server of their choice, with two limitations and one consideration:

1. It costs some amount of plat to do so
2. It can only be done once per X amount of time (like once per 60 days)

1. Conflicting toon names get a random character appended to the end of them, with hopefully a way to allow the player to do a one-time name change if desired

Re: URGENT: petition to merge servers!

Conflicting names would not be a problem entirely, I have two characters with the same exact name. If a toon is deleted the name becomes available and If the previously deleted characters ever brought back by a request you will simply have two characters with the same name.
We honestly need a way to transfer our characters to a different server if they just put the time and implemented they can make some serious money off that alone.

Re: URGENT: petition to merge servers!

Servers being merged is not the solution imo, it would be far too crowded ironically enough in the case of some servers. This game need an update to bring players back, give this game some love @devs.
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