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A New Dawn on Arawn

Today, Arawn celebrate the alliance between Resurgence and Colours with both clans joining forces at dhio raid, finally ending the years of long standing bitterness and rivalry between both clans. It marks a new dawn on Arawn. This could not have been possible without the formation of Dawn clan. While many of us in Resurgence are saddened by the clan split, with the development that we saw today, the formation of Dawn is actually a blessing to Arawn. Dawn and Resurgence have pledged to engage in friendly competition and from what I have seen so far at lock battles, both clans have abided by the rules and acted civilly towards each other. Arawn has finally ended its long period of a single dominant clan server. I look forward to greater fun and excitement in the friendly competition ahead and wish Dawn all the best in its clan building. Likewise, I hope the alliance between Resurgence, Colours and any other clan which may join us will continue to promote an even more pleasant gaming environment on Arawn.

P/s - Some members of Dragonsouls clan were also at the dhio raid to help Resurgence kill it.

Re: A New Dawn on Arawn

Haha i like the post name smelly. Very clever. I wish both resurgence and colours all the best in this new alliance. Hopefully it remains beneficial for both parties and we will see you all in game
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Re: A New Dawn on Arawn

Was a fun kill and the regardless the alliance is going great, as far as i’ve theres some pretty positive responses! Glad i’m working with you guys, really wanna get to know the current Resurgence generation, its changed a lot in the past year.
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Re: A New Dawn on Arawn

Smellyunder wrote:Kudos to Dawn for ignoring the uncivil shouts. This is being Christ-like. Whether it is Res member or Dawn member, only if everyone behaves civilly can we continue to enjoy friendly competition. Bitterness, anger and hatred destroys your soul.

Pretty incredible how much you’ve changed since I’ve been gone. Hope you’re doing well.
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