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Samhein Event!

Are you guys(VR) going to be doing an event for halloween(samhein), it would be cool if you did
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Re: Samhein Event!

Yes please do an event like the older ones, and something for everyone more than just extremely long to grind head fashion. I remember they would often add an obtainable novelty item that could be farmed or farm to unlock the tiers and then buy the items. I think the bat masks started in samhein, bat wands and canes, brooms were all items obtainable one item/event at a time. And different tiers for all levels so every one has a chance to get their own and not just have to buy it from eg players or plat buyers.

Re: Samhein Event!

+1 I’ve yet been able to experience a Samhein event lol. Really hoping they add it in this year. It’s not Springtime in the middle of Fall!

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Re: Samhein Event!

Samhain events have always been far and away the best events in CH history (in my opinion). I'd love to see one this year.
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Re: Samhein Event!

Kaliset wrote:I'd like to see new events. Not old ones.

So -1

Um they dont bring back the same content in the events... The event name stays the same "Samhain" but the content (fash, bosses, quests) are different, or atleast give different loot and rewards from quests.

Either way +1 please

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