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Best Tank Weapon @ Max Endgame

What do you guys think is the best weapon for Tanking at Max Endgame?

A Dino Goibniu weapon with just 320 Vit?
Or a Gele Void Axe of Celestial Might with 250 Vit & 600 Def?

I really wish at least one of the Dino weps was a Vit Def combo to truly eclipse Gele weps in the tanking aspects but oh well.

Re: Best Tank Weapon @ Max Endgame

Yeah :( I wasn’t the happiest when I heard that VR weren’t gonna change any of the Dino weapons to Vit and Def. So currently, a Void Axe of Celestial Might is still the best EndGame tank weapon by far.
70 Vit+the resist on the axe simply doesn’t make up for 600 defense.
    Surya7 (Warrior Lvl 225)
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