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Re: Patch Notes: 3.4.2 (July 2nd, 2019)

Difinitus wrote:Hello,

Below are the changes made to the game as of July 2nd, 2019:

Bug Fixes
  • Resolved an issue that prevented some character to fully log out.
  • Resolved an issue that allowed players to post character-bound items to the Auction House.

Link to Previous Patch Notes (3.4.1D)

Sorry it didn’t work, I am currently trying to log my toon but it says username already take.
When I leave it for a while it’s lets me get to the toon choice screen but as I was travelling to the tavern at the time my main is just on the CH screen for 5 minutes and won’t let me get online line please help
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Re: Patch Notes: 3.4.2 (July 2nd, 2019)

Can't enter in tavern, for all my clan, this area seems close.
Need to click ' character stuck' in options.
Otherwise well... You re stuck ;)

Edit : as said one of our membres.
' u can enter in tavern via lirs'
Can help
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