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DPS Warrior Questions

I am new not only to DPS Warriors but to warriors in general so I have a few questions...

Question 1: what should my stat points go into per level?

Question 2: Is dexterity important for warriors?

Question 3: Is reaper ring worth getting for DPS Warrior? Or should we just leave it to the rangers and rogues?!?!

Question 4: If I am unable to afford a dragon, seed, or Phoenix... which pet should I buy? (Again keep in mind I am DPS)

Re: DPS Warrior Questions

Depending on your gear and your level etc you should be putting all your points into str it 75% into str rest into vit never sexy or focus. With the right gear you’ll have plenty of attack. Rr is good on any dps class but it isn’t a must for warriors if you can get your hands on one without going bankrupt I’d say yes but otherwise nah. And for pet I use a max lvl wolf but I’m going to be working my way to either a dragon or seed soon

Re: DPS Warrior Questions

Energy boosting gear may be a little hard to get for the first part of the game, so you will probably want some focus so that you can actually use multiple skills in a fight. As you get higher, depending on what gear you end up with, you could always rebirth back and get rid of your focus.

Dex is fairly useful, especially if you want to focus on dealing damage with your auto attacks. However, you don't really need a huge amount.

Strength and Vit are both good default stats to put points in.

The main thing to keep in mind is that how you arrange your stats depends heavily on what kind of gear you have.
If you have plenty of energy boosting and regen gear, you don't really need much (or any) focus, but if you don't really have any gear that does boost energy - then you will want some.
If you have attack boosting gear, you don't need as much dex, whereas if you don't, you may be missing a lot of attacks if you don't put a bit of dex in your build.
Similar things with strength and vit - as your gear changes, you may find yourself wanting more or less points in certain stats.

Reaper ring is good for any physical damage character, if you can afford it, go for it.

My warrior has a mastiff, but a wolf is good as well.
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Re: DPS Warrior Questions

Ignore these two.

NEVER add dex. No skills are boosted from dex so the returns are very bad.
Focus is fine to add as warrior skills are draining.
If you can’t get dragon then get Spider. Wolf and mastiff are both bad
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Re: DPS Warrior Questions

No dex. (unless u full auto which isn't recommended).
Only enough Vit to keep u alive, rest str.
If you have the money for a reaper ring, spend it on a dragon, then if you still have the money for a reaper ring, then maybe.
If no dragon, bunny if you have energy problems, wolf/dog aren't too bad, but overlap issues.
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