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Re: Server crashed

LadyNymeria wrote:
Shivahh wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:How many other servers had started raid bosses? :/

My server did

Really now ... :lol:

Yeah I think my leaders gonna be disappointed that I didn't kill necro in 5 minutes...oh what ever shall I do I'm in trouble!!!

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Re: Server crashed

Rikitt wrote:
LadyNymeria wrote:How many other servers had started raid bosses? :/

Being Rhiannon.. and one of the last servers to go up, we were 10 seconds into Hrung. Lol

We were a good bit into necro ... :? I imagine whole clan probably got sent to leystone with that glitch lol
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Re: Server crashed

Schwing wrote:Servers will be up shortly with the exception of Nuada which will remain down until further notice.

Nuada do something bad?
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Re: Server crashed

The Server Nuada been down since Saturday and it’s being expected to be active mid of next week! That’s unfair for us. For a person trying to glitch the game and for us that have even bought plat to lvl this weekend we can’t because our server is down for week and half. We only ask for 2 things, We get a full week of XP bonus or our Characters to be transferred to another server of our choice Thank You

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