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Recruiting for Clan Forever Rosmerta - Double plat weekend, Xp Event.

With double plat day, and double xp this weekend, it is a good time to check out a new server.

Not looking to convince anyone to leave their server, or speak as if Rosmerta is superior. We have our flaws like anywhere else. But if you are looking for a change of pace, and or different community. We are happily welcoming new players. Currently like many other servers we are doing fine with both Blood Thorn and Gelebron. We also run a Dkp system if that is what you are into. Personally I believe we have a pretty solid community as well. That is full of diversity in culture. From what I see people tend to be both helpful and kind. Many of them are like family to me.

Not looking to give hand outs, nor are we looking to overlook childish behaviors that may have gotten you exiled from your previous servers.

What we are specifically looking for are more kind and supportive people who simply enjoy the game and the community it brings.

We are far from desperate, but what we truly lack is diversity in class. A few more solid mages, druids, and warriors, and our server will once again be in a golden age, as we continue to prepare ourselves to take down Dino.

Our feeder clan TheReal will accept any level one. While our Main clan Forever, will accept you at level 150. Just ask around to see if a leader in TheReal can add you.

If you are not interested or have a personal grudge toward us. Please keep it to yourself.

Regardless if you plan to join or not, Spend a little money on this game this weekend if you love it and want it to continue to be developed. I will be doing my part by putting at least a few hundred dollars in. :ugeek:
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Re: Recruiting for Clan Forever Rosmerta - Double plat weekend, Xp Event.

We have a great community of dedicated players here. Our message boards are always lively with our music board, weekly trivia challenges, and more!

If you’re looking for famous people, Seasalt and Rune have a successful YouTube channel (SaltyRune Productions), there’s JoanofArc who’s known in the community for doing transfers and her Celtic Heroes Friends band. and there is also me; Bitey the forum mod who runs the YouTube channel GoodiesDruid and the website http://www.celticheroes.info

Our feeder clan TheReal is great, with a huge group of diverse groups of people all hanging out together. Take a look at the leaderboards, Forever and TheReal are the top two largest, and the most active clans in the game right now. And we would like you to join us to have some fun!

And if you don’t believe me, here is an actual picture of DrGreenThumb hanging out with TheReal:

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Re: Recruiting for Clan Forever Rosmerta - Double plat weekend, Xp Event.

swisscheese88 wrote:Nice... I am already good at Morrigan and glad to hear that Rosmerta is doing well and friendly with newbies!
I will drop $3,000 on this game this weekend. VR must maintain this game because I am lovin' it!

Cheers to Rosmerta!

Low key warning to Morrigan players to sell their Phoenix and Dragon Eggs today lol.
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