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A New upcoming Clan

Hey everyone, Fingerlickin here!
I will be starting a clan soon that will be rising quickly with a level requirement of 60 and above.
If you know me or the past few years history of Mabon then you know I’ve ran some pretty decent clans, one being Reborn that got to DL and merged into Wolfgang, so I have experience running clans.
If anyone is interested in joining and possibly helping run the clan (I’ll need the help LOL) then hit me up or mail me in the game.

What’s different from other clans?
- We use DISCORD!! Discord is the superior app for clans and just game things in general. This is coming from a PC gaming, line is outdated and boring.
- We do not use DKP! Loot will be distributed within the clan with the first grabs going to the one who need the items that do the most for the clan and as follows.
- A low level req. for a clan that takes higher level bosses, the level requirement rises quickly so if you are a low level join quick before it goes up!

The name is not decided yet but keep your eyes open for me in game!
I hope to be allied with other clans!
See you guys in game

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