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Re: [Spoilers] Thoughts on Endgame

As comics fans, we are used to him dodging laser beams and flailing punches with his spider sense and super reflexes.

When he was running w the Gauntlet, he should have been able to dodge most of the attacks until being overwhelmed. Especially the laser beam from the sky.

It is replaced by the cybernetic suit.... I feel like i am watching Iron man with some Spiderman powers.


Re: [Spoilers] Thoughts on Endgame

Laplace wrote:Bad Movie.

Thanos is so weak.

:O I'm shocked, this movie was so sick.

Though the title suggests it's the last one, I din think it would really be the last one. Is there gonna be no more iron man movies either? But, don't think I'll miss the avengers, nearly all the marvel movies are like the avengers now.

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