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Forgot password

Hello onethumbmobile celtic heroes support team

I got an issue regarding my password..i still dint link the account to any email so i cant use recovery process( new player and dint know need to link it)
So please help me out
My username [removed] (server lugh)
And my character name inside name izzdiamage
I already bought platinum using this account
Please help me out

Re: Forgot password

Difinitus wrote:
Izzdia wrote:I already email the support team but no reply..that why i try asking help here
Maybe someone can help me here

Apologies for the delay, but the team will respond to your issue. Thank you for your patience. :)

Thanks for the reply..i hope i hear good news soon :)

Re: Forgot password

I have the same issue. Nothing works for me. I tried many methods to change the password, but I need to introduce my old password for this. I made it using the strong password generator. I read a lot of articles about cybersecurity, and I changed all my passwords. The main problem is that I wrote it down in my notebook, and I wrote it with mistakes, and now I can't enter any of my accounts. I changed only the password only on the websites to use my email for this by getting the link for resetting the password. I don't know what to do.

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