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Colour differences

Why are there 2 different 'versions' or shades of the colour blue and green etc. Blue wild doesn't rlly match with blue barding, yellow coven hat doesn't fit with most yellow fish. If the colour is the same in name, why not in shade, a nuisance that needs to be fixed imo.
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Re: Colour differences

If every blue and yellow and red were the exact same then you might as well make the game 8-Bit. The fash is meant to match the fash of the same kind, any matching of another fash set is coincidental if anything. The different shades of color also help to differentiate toons and mobs in the game.

Variety is one of the things that makes the game great.
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Re: Colour differences

Like Artisan said, my guess is that the color differences are to make more people happy. People like different shades of color...I personally prefer a dark blue or green shade over the other shades. If all the different fashion sets only came in one shade, that would be pretty disappointing. I can understand the frustration when trying to mix and match fashion pieces and they don't look the exact same, but at the same time....they aren't supposed to look the same. Fashion is supposed to be unique.
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