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Re: Servers and their clan population.

All I will say on this thread is server size does not equate to any extractable positive metric for server quality.
A server can have 200 full str Rangers at EG and barely be able to down gelebron or BT while a server with 20 really serious and dedicated players that know their toons inside and out can down BT with only 40 likes it’s a walk in the park.

While it’s cool to look at the numbers, just remember that’s all they are and that they are far from the whole story.
There was a clan when I was a noob on arawn with over 1500 “active” members but the best boss they could kill was falgren (this was in 2012/2013).

This isn’t to say big servers aren’t strong or good, epona has the best economy and is easily the strongest server. All I’m saying is don’t only look at the numbers ;)
Agree with this. High character population does not equate to power or quality. It is also in no way an indication of server/clan potential. You won't know until you play on the server.

Speaking for my own server, there's around 35-50 actual humans that are endgame and active on Sulis (logging multiple times a day constitutes as active IMO). Perhaps another 25 or so that are semi-active. And then we have perhaps another 10-25 that don't actually play the game, but log often enough so that their characters stay visible on the leaderboard (looking at Era directly into his eyes). Everything else is either an alt or someone multilogging. That's the reality you won't find by simply browsing the highly misleading leaderboards.
World - Sulis
Clan - Toxic

H3ROsRogue - lvl 220 rogue
H3ROsRanger - lvl 200 ranger
H3ROsMage - lvl 220 mage
H3ROsDruid - lvl 220 druid
H3ROsWarrior - lvl 200 warrior
H3ROsLocker - lvl 190 rogue

Can't imagine losing kills to a ranger in 2019.

Re: Servers and their clan population.

This is kinda what I'm looking for.
Looking for a noob friendly server to play on I have played on three different servers so far and so far all I've been able to find are huge Clans that either do boss camps or in games and nothing else which is sad cuz it's Clans that are so huge that they can't take the time to help the Newbie player like answering questions or just a little advice I have only been playing 4 months and my character is a 105 Rogue I have had to scratch bite and fight my way to where I am now and all without a clan but the server that I am on (Arawn) has a lot of high-end Top Gear players and Clans and I find got a lot of Clans are too political a lot of clan members will not or just don't simply help unless you are their best friend or you have a top end/gear player. So I am looking pray Noob friendly server cuz I am a newbie no matter how high level I get I will always be a newbie and proud of it ......roflmao
But experience is good just as long as you don't forget where you came from. :))

Re: Servers and their clan population.

This information is cool and good to know but it still doesn't explain the population per server that is what I am trying to find out and have been looking for a week I am trying to find out which server preferably one to three servers that have the lowest population can anybody tell me or Point me in the right direction that I can find that information I don't understand why Deca doesn't have some way of finding out or letting the public find out what the population is per server (it must be top secret) can anybody point me in the right direction any information is appreciated and greatly wanted.

Re: Servers and their clan population.

I can tell you that I play on balar and Donn they have no populations.
No new players.
The high level players that are playing Only log on to kill the big bosses and then leave.

If you watch the auction houses on both servers it's the same players selling the same stuff.

I watched a new Clan startup I joined with a 35 level mage alot of people were joining then one day the chief asked what happened to the red crown that was in the bank?
The next day he quit and left the clan. I'm the only player that logs now in that clan.

I'm sure that if Decca were to release the populations of the servers it would be disappointing.

I found that this game only promotes dishonesty and mistrust.

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