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Rampant Raiders Bounty

I’m doing the bounty, Rampant Raiders, and I’ve searched in game, on the forums, and all over the internet, and haven’t been able to find Connacht Raiders anywhere in the game. I checked to Revine, and everywhere I could think of. Can anyone give a location of these Mobs?

Re: Rampant Raiders Bounty

Uhh not sure.
But it's possible that they just haven't spawned (all the spots they could spawn in are occupied by other mobs). So either kill a few things that look about the right level and wait around for them to respawn, or let somebody else come through and clear it out lol.

If indeed they don't exist, then support might be able to take a look and help you out.

Edit: Idk, checked in Lir's near the shalemont entrance? or in Fingals maybe? idk there might be a few other areas with Connachts.

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Re: Rampant Raiders Bounty

Yeah I believe there are also some Connachts in Lirs Reach at the entrance of Shalemont Ravine and in Fingal’s Cave (the next area you probably discovered after Shalemont). Probably should check there if you haven’t already. If you still can’t find them, should probably check settings and be sure that the bounty icons are set correctly... if they are then kill a few mobs. As Mind said, sometimes certain mobs you’re looking for haven’t spawned yet and have been replaced by other mobs. And if THAT doesn’t work and you’re sure something’s not right I suggest going to Support for this. They might be able to fix the problem.

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