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What is going on anymore?

Absolutely zero reason to downgrade the UI, it was more than fine as it was. I return after a little while to play, find my server is even MORE dead, and the little to no new content isn't that good anyways. You have had these game for quite some time now. REALLY give us something. extend the level cap, make earning in game gold easier and leveling less dependent on spending thousands of gold or real deal hundreds on lix. You are a big company, give us something big. Give us something massive, like a new class, a new area, new skills to our current classes, a new secondary skill, say hunting or farming. We just need something other than re-skinning fashion, lowering boss timers, and deals of chests with old fashion. If someone wants to drop 100+ dollars on purchases, they will, and it takes all of 5 minutes to throw that chest together. Practically begging for a real reason to play again. 11 years dedicated to this game, and i want to give more, just please give me incentive to.

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