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State of Fingal going into 2024

2023 has been a wild ride for Fingal. This June we saw the fall of Whykicamoocow, a clan that stood strong over fingal for better or worse for the past decade. Replacing it, Paranoid, the new age of Fingal, after all of about 2 weeks of comp

Government: Dom clan (Paranoid)
Dom Group EG Drop Distribution (rolls, DKP, loot council): Loot Council/Rolls
Dom Group Decision-Making : Democracy + Loot Council
Name of Dom Group: Paranoid
Approx # of Active Players in Dom Group: 35
Kill Delay for Each 220 Raid: on spawn in EU time. we don't kill late night NA

Are There Lock Battles at EG: not really
Name of Comp Group: Whykicamoocow
Approx # of Active Players in Comp Group: 5
Bosses Controlled/Competed by Comp Group: Sometimes prot or hrung. Mostly nothing. Whykicamoocow has truly seen better days.

Chest Price (gold): 50-75k
Alt Book Price: 10k
Super XP Elix Price: 2-3k
Heroic Haste Elix Price: 3-5k
Super Combo Price: 10k
Heroic Combo Price: 20-25k
Seedlings: 1m
Dragon eggs: 1.5 - 2m
Phoenix Eggs: 4-5m
Imp coins: 3.5-5m
Hellsteed Amber: 3-4m

Server Mood: looking up, currently recruiting new members for Paranoid. We don't have too many players so the gear rolls in quite fast!

Interested in Fingal? Old player looking to return? Epona player looking to actually play the game? Message "liastar" on discord!
Paranoid - Fingal
The clan to topple Whykicamoocow
Farmer of the Fabled Banished Bracelet

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