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Re: Introduce yourselves, Belenus players!

I must have missed this thread. I am here reading out of nostalgia and noticed I was mentioned so much I need to respond for those checking back in the future.

I started my journey with Everquest in 1999 when I was 13 (a lot like the age many of you started here in CH) when my best friend moved out of state. He said he was playing an online game and I should play with him. He was a warrior so he said to play cleric so I could heal him. Problem was back then no one entered a cc number online so it took me some months to get on, and after finally getting my parents to let me, he was level 40 and I was level 1. I got my heal spell at lvl 6 so we tried to duo and my heals just wouldn't help him enough so we never played together again.

But I discovered how powerful MMO's were. Added some people to my friends list and someone created a clan and invited me to join. It was a magical experience and I remember it to this day (if you want to see what it was like look up "project 1999")

So I had always been looking for MMO's and found CH in the app store early 2012. My first memories were the big snowmen and the fairy at the castle. Some higher level helped me kill a snowman and got my yulestave (used it up to the first OW event lux sale when I was lvl 105 lol). I made a good friend Tryndamere in game and we both joined Invictus (also nosferatu and Oiuy). I remember seeing Naruto and Alisha in Elementals scooting around on their sleds killing the big bosses in Lir's reach and wondered how they always know the second the mob spawns! (the timer was a set time back then). It was awesome and brought me back to Everquest.

A guy named Kanye would always come and help me and my group when we were boss camping in Duskwither and gave us the drops. I will never forget that and it really inspired me with how awesome this game was and how helpful everyone was.

With Invictus were camping stonefang and would always get KS'd by a clan called Enigma. They didn't care about noobs and crapped on us. At that moment I decided I wanted to change the culture of Belenus, create a clan and be nice to noobs and eventually I realized a great way to do that was anyone at the boss before you, you should invite them to the group even if they weren't in the clan, also if the drop falls on them they can keep it.

I met XxKilljoyxX and we grouped together a lot. Fun guy. Him and I leveled together during double plat. At the first double plat I spent $100 and started leveling. I got to 105 and got invited to Elementals. I accepted. Darc showed up and was somewhat mad Alisha had invited us new 105's (Killjoy and I) and had us come help him kill a frozen armor boss. We told him it wasn't a good idea and he made us idol over and over until we wiped. He got pissed and said we had to all level to 140 in a month. I didn't like his attitude and liked the free and loving spirit of the game/server so I rage-quit Elementals and started Advocate. Out of spite I did level to 140, beating people who stayed in Ele in just a couple weeks to show them they were assholes.

I went around Lirs and shalemont and stonevale and invited all the new seemingly committed players I saw. Since everyone from Advocate more or less was recruited that way, everyone was very welcoming and helpful to noobs and their request for help (though there was some grumbling lol). Many of you were young, similar to my age when I played everquest, so it was a challenge but basically everyone responded well to me and I was patient and instructive to you. I am so proud of how you all rose up and became integral parts of the server after I left. It was for the best that I messed up and Advocate fell apart because you got to experience other clans and bring that culture of inclusivity, freedom, and acceptance and helpfulness to the other clans, including Elementals. Its amazing that you all stayed friends and it is everything I could have hoped for and more. You all rock. RIP celtic and take what you learned here to future games, and more importantly, to life in general.

God Bless you all.

Love, Marcus.

PS: Fun video for old times sake XD

PSS: Shoutout to TeaWeasel and Papi on the forums, huge inspiration to me. In case anyone didn't know, I was mdimarco (memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3098) on the forums (banned many times for speaking out about issues). Also shoutout to Bitey who did an amazing job taking over the wiki and adding so so much, and dsgrendar (Skenkee) who ran the wiki first and who I took over for. And who can forget Infinity, we had fun making a Ladder to shalemont on Rhiannon and people from every server joined and fought with us.

PSSS: An old post I found, a good workable ruleset for having a no lvl req clan viewtopic.php?f=11&t=18075&p=118820

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