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(revo) Alliance of clans "La Revolucion"

This Alliance of clans created overly powerful bosses. we use the "DKP" system. all things with the bosses are given to the Bank. then are exposed on auction Alliance and any player can use their points that-would do rates.

How we bid:
to start a bid, take ss of the drop u need and then write like this example:
This xxx is auctioned by "youre name" for minimun bid of 20 dkp and will last for 24hours. if u are interested also comment your bid below.
This means: u can bid from min 00:01 till 24:00.

"DKP" are given for killed bosses:
5 DKP: Crag 5*
15 DKP: Rev 5*, Unox 5*,Crag 6*
20 DKP: Sreng 6*, Snorri 6*, Lich, Reaver
25 DKP: Rev 6*, Unox 6*
40 DKP: Hrung
50 DKP: Mordy
60 DKP: Necro
10 PKP: Proteus Base
20 PKP: Proteus Prime
20 AKP: Gelebron
20 BKP: BT

For communication and distribution of things between players the program "band"is used.

We use CH Floe's timer for bosses.
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Re: Alliance of clans "La Revolucion"

No bt though?
Sadly not quite yet. Just starting to get the groove of downing gele all together. Bt has been planned a few times but we are still struggling to get everyone together at the same time/having correct people on all at the same time (the curse of different time zones)
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