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Creation Of A New Clan In Belenus!

Hello guys! Me and a friend on the server Belenus are on a quest to create a new clan!
Reason to this is that the only clan to compete with the main clan has died. Thats why i created Olympus! it is a clan wich we will help new players and gear them once we have the items for it! i will be working hard to fullfill everyones request but for that we need members. I was going to ask everyone on here if they would be interessted in joining, i will be giving lixes and supplies to the newcommers to keep them motivated in continuing to level up and become powerfulle enough to kill the end game bosses! I hope people will join, as the server might die without the competition!

I will be responding on here and discord + line app . wich i will type down below. I hope some people will be interessted in creating a clan full of fighters!

Line = grauffmo
Discord = MayG#8654
Youtube = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX4ri9 ... 4S9pwjeA5w
Leader of the glorious clan Olympus, we are on a mission to create a clan in Belenus that can compete with Elementals!
Hit me up if you want to join or start in the server for tips and help. :)

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