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Regarding the current Server Issues.


I wanted to give you an update on the current situation with the Celtic Heroes Servers. You are sending me a lot of messages both in private and on the discord channels. I promise I will try to read them all, but right now I am not able to answer every single message. As you can imagine our focus is on the ongoing server issues.

Like some weeks ago, our servers are once again under attack. While our teams are investigating and taking measures to combat any such future attacks, this will take time and not be completed during the event. This is unfortunately not a matter of buying some software or upgrading the server capabilities with money. The internal team is looking for ways to mitigate some of the impact and they are also talking with our cloud service provider to see if there are custom tools to use for these situations, as standard DDOS protection software won’t work. The issues are more fundamental within the game itself and while we know what we need to do in the long term, it won’t help us in the short run now.

This means that there is a high chance that these attacks continue over the weekend. We will be monitoring the situation over the weekend and do what we can to keep the servers running. Just because you don’t hear from me, doesn’t mean there isn’t someone looking after the servers. Regardless, we are very sorry for this and want to apologize.

Unfortunately, this situation hits us at a time when we wanted to celebrate with our ongoing in-game events. This is not how we expected them to roll out. We are considering extending the events. Or we might run something similar in the near future. Our plan with the events was for you the players to have a great time and enjoy Celtic Heroes after some rather rough weeks. This has definitely not been the case and it frankly sucks all around, most of all for you.

We have already received a lot of valuable feedback regarding the event as well as the situation, and I encourage you to leave more of it in our forum thread.

We once again want to thank you for your patience and understanding. We are receiving a lot of messages encouraging us to continue and the team is aware of everyone supporting us.

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