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Re: 10 years of Celtic heroes …. Moving forward what’s the plan

Their plan ? Make up for their lack of attention, motivation, by proposing events like BT for 3 years already, knowing that it will only be the dom clans who will benefit from it, by neglecting the other big part of the players, they are not even able to understand that it would be enough to instantiate some bosses so that all can benefit from it, when I see him writing "to equip yourself, or friends" lel, 3/4 of the servers bank items to then distribute them to those who will put the most DKP. Nothing is distributed immediately (except maybe a few exceptions ); in short, another sh*tty event that will reinforce the mindset of players to stop wasting time with a company that says nothing about its (future) projects, not even sure if there are any in fact.

Re: 10 years of Celtic heroes …. Moving forward what’s the plan

Mortality wrote:I’ve been playing since 2011 and have taken multiple breaks during my time of playing …. What can we expect out of Celtic over the next couple years ? Celtic 2 ? New quest line for stuff better than doch Gul ? Etc. ?

Question for VR of course …

they have no plan, they have made it obvious to me personally that they have no plans for this community given the continued calls for just a simple update on what’s going on, all being ignored. it’s a widespread concern and they’re blatantly ignoring it, what does that tell you? who knows, you tell me.

i don’t have much hope for the game, wish i could say otherwise, but their blatant refusal to acknowledge obvious concerns screams exit to me. they promised us a “renewed effort for ch in 2021” yet we have been given just unfathomable events that maximize plat sales. VR is a joke, but hey, won’t it be ironic to watch their cash cow die because they were salty they didn’t create it? war hammer is an absolute flop and they know that, they know they’ll never recreate the community that OTM did and that makes them bitter, that’s my opinion on why they refuse to answer these simple questions.

not to toot my own horn, but i could type a 2000 word revised update if you gave me 20-30 minutes, but they can’t spare that. to me that speaks all. we can’t read their mind, at this point i really think they’re basing the future of CH off plat sales during a phase where the game has been severely lacking attention on their end.

This is all thanks to Richard, he is the one who made the call to rid us of OTM, and since that day our devs were mysteriously fired out of nowhere, the game had been a spectacle of loyal players hoping for something and receiving nothing. i have played since 2011 as well and quite honestly im sick and tired of the disrespect to us old players who are truly invested in the community we players have built. they need to answer us, or they will just remain cowards. they scream exit scam to me at the moment.

i don’t care if my words sting VR because they sing among the community so you may silence me but the words still remain. you guys are absolutely failing us and it’s ***.

literally can’t even login anymore without the worry my progress today may be gone tomorrow. who knows, maybe they’ll pull the plug, maybe we will get an update. what is certain is they are cowards too scared to put faith in themselves and their decisions and it will cost them i fear.
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