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Re: 10 years of Celtic heroes …. Moving forward what’s the plan

Their plan ? Make up for their lack of attention, motivation, by proposing events like BT for 3 years already, knowing that it will only be the dom clans who will benefit from it, by neglecting the other big part of the players, they are not even able to understand that it would be enough to instantiate some bosses so that all can benefit from it, when I see him writing "to equip yourself, or friends" lel, 3/4 of the servers bank items to then distribute them to those who will put the most DKP. Nothing is distributed immediately (except maybe a few exceptions ); in short, another sh*tty event that will reinforce the mindset of players to stop wasting time with a company that says nothing about its (future) projects, not even sure if there are any in fact.

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