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I’m Back!

Yo Gwydion peeps!

After taking 4+ years away from the game, I’m thinking about coming back! Any of the people from way back when still play? Would love to link up with some of you.

World: Gwydion

Wiffle- LVL 152+ -Rogue

Started playing on May 3rd, 2012.

Re: I’m Back!

It’s not really dead though o.0 but yeah, a lot of the older players have either sold out or quit. It’s good to see yall still drop by the forums though ;)
    Surya7 (Warrior Lvl 225)
    Raijin (Druid Lvl 220)


    Re: I’m Back!

    I got back into it about a year ago. Still my favorite MMO across all platforms.

    Name: Smoke/Cigar/SmokeTheTank/Pinhead
    Level: 85/88/80/80
    Class: Rogue/Ranger/Warrior/Mage
    Clan: Solitaire

    Ranger Stats: 270Str/60Dex/30Foc/100Vit
    Rogue Stats: 240Str/60Dex/30Foc/120Vit
    Mage Stats: 50Str/5Dex/40Foc/200Vit

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