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Re: F to All collectors

klv wrote:so basically y'all just angry because the majority of the playerbase have a chance to obtain something good for the first time?

i too have seen quite a few valuable items lose much worth over this, however i personally don’t mind. the people who are complaining about this are mostly inactive, log here and there kinda players. id rather see the majority appealed than a small select. who cares about a few words in our fashion? i grew out of the trivial phase a while back. there still is plenty of rare items that are in this game, but if you’re worried about the title of an item in my opinion, well i have many items 99/100 players reading this do not have that are absolutely useless and completely forgotten about, but hey I have them and you don’t I guess. i was sympathetic when the og halloween bosses started to spawn again, but honestly people complaining because someone can get an item that looks literally the same over a single word, well yeah that’s stupid IMO.

honestly i don’t care if my collection, your collection, his, or hers becomes useless because a collection should consist of what the individual likes, and not what’s worth more. realistically, id fancy to see this stay, just to remove such trivial matters. let em moan and groan for a few weeks.

like i said, if you actually care so much about rarity because of a few words in the items name, i can show a few items that probably only a handful of you have that will never be obtainable again. the gripe here is over nothing but a simple word, so i guess if you aren’t seeking out those too, as a “collector”, then i heed no sympathy as these supposed rare items look exactly the same as the supposed common.

i am solely referring to the people complaining about the aeon and non aeon matter.
i will interject, i don’t see the point in ever have even introduced aeon given how chests have worked for a while.
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Re: F to All collectors

I owned original lanrik too and I still don’t care because I now have the once in a lifetime chance to get the sparkling set I’ve always dreamed of having since 2013. I only managed to get a couple sparkling pieces because it’s literally impossible to find the rest. Plus it might be just me, but in my head I know my pieces are og and came out of chests all those years ago so they still retain their personal value. Lanrik looks good, and it’s nice to see the fash being restocked and not having to see the ugly Aeon tag on everything.

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