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Set Bonus Revamp

I've been thinking about how a lot of EG players end up hoarding a lot of gear, myself included. Ever since hotswaps, people have been keeping their extra low level gear to hot swap for extra damage when higher tier items aren't better for thoses circumstances. I mostly have experience with mages and this might be a case for this class but if anyone has thoughts relating to other classes feel free to elaborate. Ie: a mage can end up with 2 blood thorn helms, a hrung helm, dino, mord, necro, attunement and lure braces, 2 dino necklaces plus some rings. As well as 3 gele wands potentially and keep all of them for hotswapping. It just bothers me that hoarding in this way is essentially encouraged since you use it to outperform other characters. It keeps mord, necro and hrung items from lower level characters who could most benefit from them, and increases the prices for everyone.

My idea would be to put a cooldown on set bonuses and also to add one for dino gear. When ever you equip a peice of gear that gives you a set bonus the bonus has a certain cooldown before it becomes active. 45 seconds or maybe 2 minutes. I would also add a set bonus for dino gear, requiring all dino jewelery slots filled (and maybe weapon? or have it add to the set bonus). For dino it would need to be a bonus good enough that it would be better to have then swapping other gear, including other dino gear.

Ie: when swapping from one BT helm to another it would reset your set bonus making it better to just keep one equipped leaving an extra helm for someone else. I'm not sure if the set bonus would be better than changing helms for every class but it would need to be for this to work. Same thing with Dino. Give a set bonus (maybe depending on how many items you have equipped) that is better then switching to any other item for the hotswap so you would just have to keep your best items equiped, leaving extra hotswaps for others who have better uses for them.

Maybe other gear could benefit from a set bonus to encourage people to use them together.

What do you guys think?

Re: Set Bonus Revamp

Interesting idea, not a bad one my any means but I think it world break the play style for a lot of people. I don't have an insane amount of swaps but I deffs like how i have it set up currently.
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