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Looking for Old Players!! (Herne ~2011)

Hello Everyone!

My old ranger on Herne (I think that is the server's name) was Mr Majestic. I played CH around 2010, and I am hoping to find other players form back then. Guys like Brandonzeth, superninja, atreyu18, Lord Brittain, Desperado, Dezoro, Saxo, Bagels, Mrs Brittain, redmen, loki, superman, etc. Anyone from Golden Knights, Spellsingers, NewBritain (Apologies for any incorrect spellings or names). I have seen an old post by superninja from 2013 talking about Herne but I am worried that I will never talk to anyone I played with again since it was so long ago. I was too young back then to exchange contact info so I don't know the "whereabouts" of any other old players. If anyone on here has any connections or could help spread the word it would mean a ton to me. Thinking about those days has me nearly OD'ed on nostalgia. I appreciate everyone's time and hope you have a great day!


Mr Majestic
aka CurryWaffles in other mobile games
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Re: Looking for Old Players!! (Herne ~2011)

Can't forget alb, healz, lecarn, quebec4rape, hellfighter, super, swineflu, magsee, tacos, lordbritish*, shaden*, ant, brzoza, redtide, javerez,

Correction for the date, the time period would be around 2011-2014. My playing peaked during Spellsingers vs. Great Britian/Britannica KS wars, lol. Additionally, I was never at the top level-wise but still active on Herne and probably did my fair share of dumb stuff. I have sent private messages to a lot of the guys listed but from checking their profiles the majority have been logged on to this forum for years. I have applied to joing the CH facebook page but not admitted yet. I'm not sure why I suddenly have the motivation to go on this hunt but it would be great to get a hold of anyone.

Re: Looking for Old Players!! (Herne ~2010)

I just want to say thanks to everyone for their help and responses. I was able to reach a good amount of people in just a couple of days, which is way more than I expected. It's been so funny and weird catching up with these real people who I only ever know as online usernames years ago. I'd like to clarify that I don't really have the intention of redownloading Celtic and getting back into the game, but that I wanted to see if I could reach anyone old players online and these forums were my best shot. That being said, if Brandonzeth is playing then I definitely will. He's the guy I'd like to reach the most, I thought of him as one of my best friends from playing; he more likely remembers me as the kid he sold a moon disc to for 20k :).

Throwback to getting on to CH at 3 in the morning because I got a glassboard notification on my 4th gen iPod touch about a boss who just spawned. Good times.

Thanks again everyone who took the time to read this. It's been a great trip down memory lane. This will probably be my last forum post unless something crazy happens.



Re: Looking for Old Players!! (Herne ~2011)

I'm from mid 2013. And I am a hardcore Old School CH fan. I miss the Golden Years I call them. Small courtyard. Everyone had to yell what they were selling or shout what they were buying selling. No auction. No battlemounts. Just Flying mounts. Much simpler. Although battlemouhts make things easier. Back then Dice matches were always being hosted by mostly trusted Hosts. You could make or break yourself in seconds. Prices were known by all and stayed the same for everything mostly. But most of all. The best things of all were the chests and events. And how they did them. Better fash better chances.
I was poor around then. But when Ardmair Chests Came around I took my risks and chances and Won a few large bet dice matches. Gained a few million. Bought chests. Opened some sold others. And I spent my first in game money on a crap ton of Ardmair Chests. I got taxes back and literally I was young then too. But used all of it on chests. But to open myself because it's hard not to want to and see what you get. Even tho I opened all of them were talking like 500 or maybe even double that. But I ended up with alot of good fash and mounts etc. I won the 4k plat Prize that day. And I basically kept doing this but without ever paying real money again ever. Would use gold and hustle. (Not bad hustle tho, always was fair). Made it so I was set for life with an inventory full of items from Ardmair, Wildwood, Glenmore etc. And fast forward all these years later after I quit before update changed it all, I came back year and half to two years ago. And Had all this OG fash items. Still do. Sell some things here and there. But what I want or need. Run out of gold. Sell some things. Repeat. But I always keep buying more fash to keep my inventory always full or the way it was. So it never ends. It's easy after you do it awhile. Hard at some times when no one buys anything or is cheap. Economy is dead basically and jacked up. Prices don't make sense like they used to . Some do. Some don't. But I miss Infection. Resurgents. All that. And funny....today Someone I hadn't seen since 2014 logged in. His name was Farnsworth. Lvl200 mage. I almost cried. I miss it. Alot. And Thanks to Natalia for being the first person ever to help me Get where I am. Although my real name is Natalia. I didn't know there was another Natalia when I made my name. Just knew that Natalia was already taken and I couldn't use it. So when I met Natalia later that week when I was brand new I thought it was ironic and funny that now there was Natalia and Natalia 2. Which of course most ppl will think I'm the alt for them but no . I'm not that one.

Still well known in Herne. I consider myself a veteran. Been here and miss what used to be. But there are some cool stuff too in new CH. My dragon. Spiritsteed. All that.

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