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Help with pricing higher level jewelry/weapons

I normally can tell most the price of any fashion and be very close to what the servers Average price is but I can not say the same for this list of items I feel is worth alot when sold all together. Any help with your knowledge or estimate is appreciated very much. Normally I would just ask on home server but getting players opinion from all over is really what I'm looking for. (sadly I would not fully trust somes advice on my server since you all have no hidden reason to lie to me ( I hope... Jk)
Ok so you don't have to price everything I list below. If you think you know a price for something or have an idea of what it goes for on your server or In general just say the item or the number next to it and the price. No wrong answers . Thank you. (btw alot of this is high level druid stuff . Basically it's the same level as me but I'm a warrior and know I can sell or trade these items for a warrior version or sell etc.

Here we go.
1. Void heart Grimoire of Thorns Druid/Mage lvl190
2. Void Skull of Energy Harvest lvl 185
3. Shadow skull of grasping roots lvl 180
4. Dark Skull of lighting Strike lvl 175
5. Eldritch Quiver of Savegry lvl 180 ( pretty sure that's in vendor shop but still list it)
6. Embossed Sword of Resistance lvl 210

7. Royal Blood leaf Charm Of Transmutation lvl 210 druid charm (hoping to find out estimate and get warrior one)
8. Royal Agrestral Carcanets (neck slot) level 190
9. Osans Blood Starstone Brace lvl 190
10. Mighty Orphic Band of the Crimson Crown lvl 200
11. Godly Emberdrake ring of Nature lvl 200 ( wanting to trade for a godly warrior ring pummel rupture etc*)
12. Royal Abyssal Ring of Blessings lvl 185
13. Royal Nectar Ring of Corruption lvl 185 ( wanting to trade for warrior necro ring)
14. Imperial Necral Band of Storms touch Lvl 185
15. Comraks Shrivewood Complete set. Lvl 140 (just curious)
16. Royal Silverweb ring of Lighting Strike lvl 170 ( got 5 of these)
17. Comraks Bloodthorn Charm lvl 140
18. Mighty Abyssal Armlet of Pummel lvl 180 ( use it every now and then)
And lastly I know what these two last items sell for on my server but what would you guess for
19. Revered Cranfir Spiritsteed 85% (it's the horse mount with the armored head playing and the Baggage/Barrels Hanging off the back straps. Orange reddish color on armor. Brownish horse)
And lastly 20. Mythic grovehawk Flying Staff 100% Sparkly and blue fire from mouth end

Thanks to all who even priced a few of the numbered listings. Thank you again. And my karma finally came back around to gift me this time. Long story short every single day that I have logged in the last 3 years or more I have given someone random a gift. Whether it's a Radiant Wildwood set. Sparkling wig, charms, lux, drag phoenix eggs, Mounts ...you name it. Everyday never forgot. And today... Someone gifted me something Out of the blue .. someone that I hadn't even talked to in a year or so. Gave her a black rare set of fash she says and a 95% mount. Don't really remember but I did she swore. I believe it. Well.. she was quitting the game. I talked to this person for a good bit trying to pursaude her to stay. As they were a high level like me and it's alot of work. I knew they were serious when they traded me and told me that I was the one person who all their fash gear items were gonna be gifted to. I tried refusing many times saying "you'll come back later and wish you hadn't. But this went on until I accepted each trade they offered to me. Very touching. I'm a merchant most and foremost mostly on just fash and old stuff from the golden years of CH. The old court yard days before auctions. Everyone was just constantly yelling out what they were selling or buying. Mounts that flew around were a big deal and cool and would never sell for the low prices I have seen even just 80%s go for cuz some Zillionaire Just wants a fast 200k. Messes up the market. And it's passed jacked for my home world now. I try to keep certain things like that from happening. But can't beet cheaper prices. Hurts stuff. Not saying all things should he expensive at all . But alot of things are different now. Can't complain auction makes things easier. Hellsteed I finally got last week is cool. I love my dragon. And I love my server. Just dying is all. Or already died and is just the remenense of The old vets and hard core collectors like myself. Anyways all the stuff I listed is just a small portion of what this player gave to me before they deleted both of their End game accounts. Once I knew it was probably the last goodbye. I asked her why she was really doing this. And she said

"Everyone I grew with here and loved is now gone as of recent. They all left and now it's my time"

I said goodbye and after a waiting today I know they are gone forever. So I'm going to enjoy the gift I have given hundreds if not thousand of players over the course of the last 3 to 4 years. (Ps been playing since 2014 early Jan but didn't get myself Wealthy until 4 years ago)
Sorry for the long talk.
Cheers everyone.

Re: Help with pricing higher level jewelry/weapons

Thank god for copy and paste, otherwise you would hate me :lol:
Each server has a wide range of prices on varying items and its quite rare 2 servers have the same item even in the same price range. I would suggest reposting this on one of the server specific sub-forums that fits wherever you are planning on buying/selling these items.

Hope this helps!
Feel free to pm me about anything or talk to me in game :D
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Re: Help with pricing higher level jewelry/weapons

Ok thanks. I figured I might have to do that. Didn't know the prices could be that significant in difference until i thought about it more. Supply and demand plus Nostalgia and heck even popular culture per server could affect the price of something by a ton. It's crazy to think. Lol Anyways maybe i will Post in the correct forum thread the 2nd time. Hehe

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