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Wrongfully banned and haven’t got a response (please read)

I know in the rules it clearly states that I’m not supposed to discuss my banned account but what do you expect me to do when I haven’t received a reply after i sent an email to appeals months ago.

I got banned just after Christmas but at that exact time I didn’t know i was banned because it said (apple account already in use) so I thought that i must’ve gotten hacked or something until difi told me that I’ve been banned and should email appeals, I don’t know how I’ve been banned for buying an account but it wasn’t much of a big deal back then because i was told that I could just answer a few questions and have my account unbanned. I’ve sent all the details that i needed to send and still haven’t got a reply back from support in months, I’ve spent over 1k on this game just to be repaid by getting banned and ignored afterwards, I’m happy to send whatever details i need to send so that i can have back my account to enjoy the game again instead of being locked out of it. Is there any admins that o can talk to privately about this? I will provide you will the information you need to prove that the account is mine and always has been (the picture below is what i see when i try to log into my banned account) please help.
Server- lir
Username- AbbyNormal (mage)

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