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Where are the new events?

There is money going into Celtic Heroes, but the game does not receive these investments. Since the developers spend all their time on the warhammer, give us at least events like Dhiothu or Arcane Sanctum events, this community deserves some attention from Vr.

Re: Where are the new events?

Kenrick Jones wrote:I agree please do at least 1week of proteus and gelebron spawn ratio every 6 hours that way more people can earn doch gul faster

Whatever the event, it needs to be AT LEAST of 1 week, but if they really want to please the community, 2 weeks would be great.

Re: Where are the new events?

Hey :)
Ive been playing ch for a very long time, but it’s my first time using the forum ☺️.
I would like to give content ideas, is there anyways I can give it to an admin O-o ( such as new fashion slots to edit your way of walking, i mean seriously, who doesn’t want a Naruto run on rogues *-*? ) these would have a chance to be dropped from chests maybe... ?
Please do apologize my bad English, i am french ;-;.
Hope y’all having a great day.
-Uncle Vicky.

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