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end level fishing guide pls help

hello i wanted a guide about fishing lots of players say that after u reach lvl 200 or 180 u will get rich and u will earn 500k to mil through fishing so is it just rumour or truth pls describe everything about high level fishing, i just dont wanna roam for hours in shalemont ravine for prized pike and i started fishing so that i can easily get gold at end lvl fishing my hearth will break if its just a rumour :(

Re: end level fishing guide pls help

Fishing is good clean gold. It depends on how much u grind and little luck.

Primary gold is by selling fishes and pearls from rippling waters at shop. King anglers sell for 4k, pearls upto 5k. This is going to be your fixed steady income.

Secondary gold is selling to a buyer. U can sell fishes for cooking, fishes for power leveling, fishing power rings, relics, rod quest fishes etc. I have sold godly power ring for 1 million...So it all depends how rich spoiled your buyer is and luck.

Its not rumor. Better experience it yourself!!
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