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Hey there, I’m Vianna! I play on the Danu server and I’m online most of the day. I first started playing CH in late 2013 on my brother’s archer, Koperu. I had never created my own toon before now, so I did on the 18th of October! I’m already level 65 (my brother is 95) and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me.

Uhhh I guess I have to say something about me haha so here’s a fun fact: I have 6 cats and adore them very much!
Anyway feel free to add me, say hello, or ask for help!
Toon: Vianna - Warrior Lvl 148
Cooking: Lvl 105 | Fishing: Lvl 65
Server: Danu
Clan: Knights of Avalon - Chieftain
Character creation date: 10/18/2020

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