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Re: Best Pet for Rogue

I have a tier 4 brown hare on my 150 rogue and it's a life saver. Any time it gets hungry I wonder how on earth I would live without it. My rabbit taming ability is at about 1000 and with that the bunny heals 289 hp and 42 energy per tick which keeps my dps output constant and I rarely, if ever, pause between mobs to let the e sigs kick in between kills.
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Re: Best Pet for Rogue

Chico wrote:I wouldn’t consider wasting pets on a pet that you won’t use endgame. You should pick a pet from the beginning and stick with it til the end. Only way you have chances of max abilities with little effort besides lixing. Just always use wisdom lix and spam pet and mount skill. If you’re rich then feel free to use chicken and change to dps endgame but not recommended tbh. I’d rather invest in sigils

I would say just buy all the pets

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