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Hi, I'm 5tickman

Hi I'm 5tickmaan from epona, I'm a low level rogue. I'm around lvl.65 right now and even tho I'm not that high level I love helping others so don't hesitate to ask for help ;) I've got riposte, Lifesteal and smokebomb and the other skill we got for free, and I have book of alteration, I love casting skills more than auto atk so what skills should I put points into and also i don't have extra skill slot

Re: Hi, I'm 5tickman

Heya, welcome to Celtic Heroes!

Glad to hear that you are enjoying the game - Rogues are a lot of fun! Riposte is one of my favorite Rogue skills, but Sneaky Attack is pretty awesome too, and a great start to fights (especially against harder mobs). Quick Strike and Rend are both decent options as well :D .
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