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Hey all,
I sent an email to support about my account issues almost a week and a half ago. I was just wondering how long support usually takes to respond to their emails sent to them. I have heard they don’t work weekends so I suppose it has not been that long for them. Although, customer service should be priority for any business, and I am starting to think that the support team is dead. The email I sent to them contained all my characters names, servers, and levels. I even sent them my username. [Don't share your password with anyone ;) ] If a member on the forum could tell me what I did wrong/ how much longer I should wait for email response, it would be greatly appreciated

Re: Celtic heroes support.

Unfortunately Support has been extremely backed up for a while now - my personal guess is that there have been a lot more people returning to the game due to the pandemic, as well as possibly more complications from working at home. It also looks like Bangkok just lifted their full lockdown restrictions last week - though it's possible that VR was able to get back to work earlier (I'm not too familiar with the situation over in Bangkok), so they may have an easier time catching up now.

From what I've heard, 1-2 work weeks has been fairly common (you heard right in that Support is usually not available over the weekend). Support has also (in the past, idk about currently) usually consisted of just 1-2 people, which makes it harder to wade through a bunch of requests (especially since a lot of people tend to send multiple requests if they don't hear back right away).

I don't really think there's anything else you can do to speed up the process...but good luck!
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