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Re: New but not new

Welcome back to Celtic Heroes!

If you want to try to get back into your old account, and if you remember any details at all, you could try contacting support@onethumbmobile.com. Otherwise, sometimes it can be nice to just start from scratch.

The different servers all have slightly different environments - Epona is probably the most drastically different server, because it has a server-wide rolling system for drops, rather than being clan distributed. So it does kind of matter what world you pick, but it may or may not be a big deal for you personally, especially if you are just coming back to the game after so long.

Rangers are a great class! Quite a bit of fun.
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Re: New but not new

Hey thanks yeah I think then I’ll join that world. Because if I remember correctly that’s what ruined the world I used to play in. It became very clan heavy.

I messaged support years ago and they couldn’t find my account for some reason. Sucks bc I was a high level with some cool stuff if I remember correctly.

The user name was desirechick or something

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