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Re: New item drop locations

ImMinecraftMike wrote:
Sweefish wrote:
simp wrote:I have this, it was dropped at 215


Unox dropped or one of the adds? If unox how many stars

Yes this is a good point if it is the ads around 215 that’s one th8ng but if it’s the actual boss that could be a hard grind with resplendent times lol, also 215 ads don’t drop anything usually:)

unox adds drops them ive seen some1 get 3 regen weapons while we lvled there

Re: New item drop locations

Skerwald wrote:Found this a couple of minutes ago.


Nice find! I got the pierce one there 3 days ago

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Re: New item drop locations

I got an apostate yesterday - yes they still exist!
Unfortunately I didn't see the kill though since I was afk farming with just auto attack on and randomly found it in my inventory later.
Seems like it's easy to kill.
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