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Dreaming in CH lol

Have u ever played this game (or any other game) that much that u start dreaming that your your toon in CH? I've done this, a while ago I had a dream I was fighting the golems in the otherworld around where stonelord spawns lol

Re: Dreaming in CH lol

Occasionally I have the whole Role-Playing mental playground (reasons I’ve held onto some noob armor). It’s fun and the fact that you can get lost in the game is kudos to an engaging (and apparently somewhat realistic) environment.

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Re: Dreaming in CH lol

Yes, I’ve dreamt about games before, not CH specifically though. In fact just last night I was dreaming about Destiny xD Was kinda weird because I was wearing armor that I had wayyy before the Rise of Iron dlc in Destiny 1, and in the dream I was in the Destiny 2 social hub. Plus there was some guy telling me to put frogs on my armor and that he was good a code breaking... nvm. Dreams are weird. :?(shrug)

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