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Re: Case of missing lure spells

ryandragon wrote:Does anyone else have a problem with their lures missing 7 out of 10 times even with over 1500 spell ability above mob level?

Not talking about bosses. Even one star mobs seem immune to lures these days.

Sadly ice and fire ability does not affect your chances to hit lures.
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Re: Case of missing lure spells

Ability does not affect the chance of your lures landing, only their strength. Every mob has evasions which can be lowered by Expose Weakness and in a few other uncommon ways (such as mount skills and Dhiothu weapons). 10k ice ability is perfectly achievable but requires insane investment - your skills will miss the same as someone with 3-4K. Kind of silly when you put it like that.

Re: Case of missing lure spells

If it’s a boss that your lures are having issues on, having a rogue cast even a weak expose weakness really helps!
sadly I feel your pain, lures evade way too often
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