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Re: Another weapon from dhino killed after reset today on Arawn

Cotchers45 wrote:
Bigdiesel wrote:
Zkills wrote:I mean it’s the only logical way to think about it and any game developers that actually cared would easily agree. A very similar event occurred in WoW during a first server kill on the Lich King (25 man raid, using an exploit to remove a serious mechanic from the raid, making it a lot easier)
Very interesting read and what happened as a result.

Also stop posting every weapon you get. Ur gonna get Toxic cranky again

Smelly will stop posting about weapons, when u stop posting about dom clans vs epona 1000’s of times per day...


Idk about rest of my server but i'd trade our luck with weps (1 void, 1 ultra-void, and 2 dark) for luck with Bt helms any day ._.
250 kills, 9 helms, woot ._.
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Re: Another weapon from dhino killed after reset today on Arawn

Smellyunder wrote:
Zkills wrote:
Smellyunder wrote:Any server has gotten a dagger from dhino? Can post pic? Thanks,

The database has infinite daggers

Keen to see how the weapon looks on the toon

It looks like a despo dagger with the blue colors of any other Dino weapon.
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