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Verses drop rate

Ever thought about buffing the drop rate of verse 3? The problem is the sleatskean hoarders spawn so much and they can't drop it. Know someone who has been farming for 2 weeks without it and I'm on my 3rd day just for a measly level 60 quest?

Kind of ridiculous.

Nvm Hoarder actually JUST DROPPED ME THE PAGE (quest description doesn't say it can drop it but it actually can, odd).

I just turned in the quest and got an 80 armour boost for 5 minutes. 3 days of farming for that and 250 gold? You cant actually be serious lmao
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Re: Verses drop rate

friddoo wrote:
Shivahh wrote:Dupe it

Yes teach me how

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Re: Verses drop rate

Duping items is against the rules of the game. Not only does it hurt you, it hurts other players as well (as Nuada found out a while ago). Please don't dupe items...for your sake, and your fellow players sakes.
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Re: Verses drop rate

This is one quest I advise actively avoiding. Obviously don't even mention cheating to complete this quest. Just never take it in the first place and actively drop all verses. The non-tradable drops, the very short time basically consumable reward and the amount of time needed to farm those drops combined together to make it something to avoid all contact with. Drop the quest if you have it and you can. Don't take the quest in the first place if it's possible, and maybe even start a petition to remove the quest entirely. I'm a huge advocate of quests and I love how much has been done to make quests broadly available at least up until level 150 or so, but this particular quest should be completely overhauled or removed.
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